Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers:

What is Dragshare for Dropbox?

Dragshare for Dropbox is a menu bar app that makes sharing links really easy. You connect it with your Dropbox account, drag one or multiple files to the menu bar icon and it will copy a share URL to your clipboard and show you a popup with sharing options.

Where are my files stored?

Unlike with other cloud sharing services, your files aren't stored on a third party server. All your files are kept safe within your own Dropbox account, on the Dropbox servers and your computer. Read more about Dropbox security here.

I don't want to use the custom landing page

If you want Dragshare to give you a link of the default Dropbox landing page for file instead of the custom Dragshare page, just uncheck the box 'Use Custom Landing Page' in the Dragshare Preferences window.

What does Dragshare for Dropbox cost?

Dragshare for Dropbox is available at the price of only $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store.

Can I try Dragshare for free?

Yes, you can download a fully functional, 15-day free trial at the Dragshare website.

Can I change the way my share page looks?

Yes, your file share landing page is fully customizable with a simple HTML/CSS template. Read more about how to edit your template here.

I press 'link my dropbox', log in to Dropbox but nothing happens. Now what?

If you're experiencing problems connecting Dragshare with your Dropbox account, please make sure you're already logged in on www.dropbox.com (in your browser window) before trying to connect Dragshare to your account.

Can I share multiple files at once?

Yep, just drag multiple files to the menu bar icon and Dragshare will create a zip archive of the files for you.

Can I share folders?

Yep, like sharing multiple files, Dragshare will automatically zip a folder and create a shareable link for you if you drag it to your menu bar.

Is there a demo video available?

Yes, check it out over here

Custom Landing Page Template

When you share a file through Dragshare for Dropbox, you get a link to a webpage that shows a download button for your file and an image (when you're sharing a .PNG, .JPG or .GIF file).

The default Landing Page Template is a simple html boilerplate. You can customize it however you want. Add your own background, logo, you can style it completely the way you want.

Customizing your template

To edit your template, press the 'Customize your template' button in the Preferences screen. All the files of your template need to be in the root directory. (You can't use subdirectories for your images/css files in the current version).

Changes to a template will be available when you share a new file.


The following placeholders are available and will be replaced by their corresponding value when you share a file:


This placeholder will be replaced by the filename of the file you are sharing.


This placeholder will be replaced by a direct link to the file you are sharing.

conditional content

The is_image placeholder can be used to show content conditionally if the file you are sharing is an image.

Download default template

If the template you've customized isn't working any more, you can download the default boilerplate template here: dragshare-theme-boilerplate.zip.